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Polystyrene Rib & Block Slabs


Concrete Rib and Block Slabs


Concrete and Steel Staircases

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Polystyrene Rib & Block Slabs

Benefits of polystyrene slabs:

90% lighter than the Concrete Rib and Block system. Only 41kg Product weight per m² compared to 165kg on concrete rib and block slabs

One Polystyrene Block covers 1 square meter and weigh only 900grams per block compared to Concrete Blocks, weighing 130kg per square meter

100% Carbon Foot Print FREE

Fire Retardant material and Superior sound-proofing

The polystyrene block acts as the insulation layer and no additional insulation required

Saves on labour cost due to light weight


Concrete Rib & Block Slabs

S-range concrete Rib & Block
B-range Rib & Block

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Concrete Stairs & Steel Stairs